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Charleston Alimony Lawyer

Alimony is money that one spouse is ordered to pay for the support of the other spouse in an action for divorce.  In South Carolina, women and men are equally eligible to participate in paying or receiving alimony.  There are thirteen factors that the Family Court considers in making an award of alimony or spousal support.  Some factors include:

o    Duration of marriage

o    Physical and emotional condition of each spouse

o    Educational background of each spouse

o    The spouses’ standard of living during the marriage

o    Custody of the children and child support

As South Carolina has no legal separation, alimony is post-divorce.  Separate Support and Maintenance refers to support payments made by one spouse to another spouse as well.  This form of support is pre-divorce.  South Carolina often uses the terms alimony and separate support and maintenance interchangeably.

Alimony can be complex and it is always good advice to contact an attorney to assist you with the challenging process of answering questions of alimony and separate maintenance and support.  Contact the Law Office of Jason G. Soper to set up a free, in person consultation.

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